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The alumni network provides an auspicious environment and opportunity to relish sweet memories of those "glorious days"

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Though you now function in diverse areas of endeavour, you are still a part of what has grown to become the largest "Campus Youth Movement" the world has ever known. This platform has been designed to play a much required role in initiating and developing "alumni-to-alumni" ion in the BLW Campus Ministry

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We’re giving you more ways to get connected with & initiate seamless converstions between fellow alumunus personally or on a group!

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Be A Mentor
Have you ever wanted to share knowledge?
Impact the new generation with the wisdom you have gathered over the years?
Here is an amazing opportunity!
The Mentor Project allows you the opportunity to have young people in tertiary institutions and youth communities around the world learn from, and be influenced by our Alumni.
The mentors are painstakingly selected through our renowned processes, and are all masters in various fields of study.
There are no restrictions, we are open to mentors from all works of life; Designers, Politicians, Chefs, Scientists, Accountants, Fitness & wellness experts, etc.