BLW Alumni Network

As one who sailed victoriously, amidst all rigors and adversities confronting students of tertiary institutions, through an unfeigned faith acquired from our Man of God in Spirit-inspired teachings and priceless trainings, this Network provides an auspicious environment and opportunity to relish sweet memories of those ‘glorious days’; days when the seeds of this present greatness which we now see were sown.

Though you now function in diverse areas of endeavour (and have remained within our Ministry), you are still a part of what has grown to become the largest ‘Campus Youth Movement’ the world has ever known, where young people all across the globe are influenced with the gospel of Jesus Christ as presented by our Man of God, Pastor Chris.

This platform has been designed to play a much required role in initiating and developing ‘alumni-to-alumni’ as well as ‘alumni-to-student’ connections in the BLW Campus Ministry, through networking and mentoring opportunities. So, you’re welcome to explore, connect and get involved as we continue to build a happier world with love!


To foster a sustained and increasing impact of the “BLW Message” and facilitate it’s penetration and spread to Campuses and Youth Communities around the globe.


To initiate and develop ‘alumni-to-alumni’ as well as ‘alumni-to-students’ connections within the Campus Ministry, through networking and mentoring opportunities, for the sole purpose of actualising an increased and sustained impact of the “BLW Message” on the global youth populace as it is in consonance with the Vision of our Ministry.


  • To promote the interests of the BLW Inc. through a structured platform with activities tailored to the actualisation of our overall Vision; to take the divine presence of God to the peoples and nations of the world.
  • To help our Alumni maintain the inspiration, associations, friendships and interests they formed as students.
  • To create opportunities for team building, teamwork, collaborative aids and mentoring through effective networking.
  • To create a medium through which our alumni may support and advance the cause of the gospel through the varying schemes and initiatives of the BLW Campus Ministry.